MTG Committing Sex Crimes on Capital Hill

Or: MTG Obsessed with private citizens nudes

Yesterday, during the Republican oversight committee hearing investigating President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, Marjorie Taylor Greene presented a poster-board with screen caps from Hunter’s leaked sex-tape. She did a small kindness in censoring the most explicit parts. But it was with as small of black boxes as possible, in an attempt to retain the impact of showing nudes in Congress. Made worse with the knowledge that this is not at all relevant to what the committee was even there to discuss. The intent of the hearing was to “explore allegations by the IRS whistleblowers that the federal investigation of Hunter Biden was inappropriately lenient”1.

I am not sure what’s more horrifying, the fact that the house of congress was just used to distribute a crime2, or the fact that either Marj herself (or some poor, poor intern) had to go to a kinkos and have that printed out and glue stick it to some poster-board like an arts & crafts nightmare scenario.

Hunter Biden is Just Some Guy

What is so incredibly baffling to me is that, through all of this, Hunter Biden is just some guy. He holds no public office, he provides no public service, he isn’t in movies, or tv. He is, for all intents and purposes, a private citizen. Don’t get me wrong I understand that, as the son of the President, he has much more power and opportunities than you or I. But what they are trying to nail him with is things that, if true, would be investigated by the police, not wasting tax dollars gluing nudes to poster-board.Don’t get it twisted, his crimes are weird. He’s the only guy I know who proudly posts pictures of himself smoking crack.

And if he did use company dollars to pay for sex workers that’s certainly something for his former law-firm to consider seeking legal action over. But I still don’t see how that’s Congress's problem? If President Biden used his position to ensure his son does not face legal trouble, that is certainly something to be concerned about. But it’s clear from the recent guilty plea for unreported income tax and unlawful possession of a firearm3, that he is not immune to being prosecuted, despite who is daddy is.

Hunter Biden is a Private Citizen. He’s not part of some weird crime syndicate that people like MTG keep insinuating4.

I am genuinely astonished that this is how far the the Republican Party has fallen. Made more evident by the silence from her colleagues showing a complacency with this behavior.

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