What is Socratically Self Critical?

Socratically Self Critical is a newsletter “For the Millenial Age” dedicated to covering deep dives on Pop Culture, Politics, and Philosophy.

The name comes from the classic philosopher Socrates. Socrates had a belief that “a divine inner voice” guided him to be a man of virtue, as Jostein Gaarder claims, “conscience told him [Socrates] what was right.” 'Conscience' makes a person aware of right and wrong and the awareness comes only from learning. I believe our inner turmoil helps guide us to the right moral understanding. But I disagree with Socrates that he knew he was right without question. I think there is a degree of self-analyzing that first has to take place, self-criticality if you will, that you force yourself to ask the hard questions. Why do I think this? Why do I believe this to be true? Where did I draw this conclusion from?

We bring you once-a-week newsletters on anything from the Loss of Wendy’s Sunroom to more deep pieces like breaking down the right-wing talking point of “protecting the children”. Each piece will have an air of levity, and I intend to always break up the terror with a joke or two or a couple of OC memes.

Who is Stewie Stewart?

A nobody, really. I went to a community college for Computer Engineering and didn’t even get a degree. I have no public-facing accolades anyone would know me for. I haven’t written for any major or minor publications and don’t intend to try and step on the toes of what I would call real journalists. I just have a lot of thoughts and feelings on a myriad of topics, and this is the best way I have found to keep them all in one place. I make my posts as informative and funny as I can while also providing sources and links to any articles I discuss.

Who's paying for this trash?

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